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Yule Altar and Feast of 2019

For the shortest night of the year, I invited friends and family to a Yule feast at my house to celebrate. After one of the wildest years of my life I wanted to show gratitude to them, the universe and to myself for our collective work in making it though the year together. We lit candles and feasted on roast chickens, sweet potatoes with sage, onion gallettes, and the endless food offerings everyone brought to share.

The true centerpiece of the night was the Yule Altar I created from seasonal evergreens: Holly (Ilex aquifolium), Magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora) and White Pine (Pinus strobus). The main element was a triptych-type of structure where I hand-applied individual Magnolia and Holly leaves. To frame the main piece I hung gorgeous fruiting branches of Holly. The altar really didn't come alive, however, until folks started sitting in the center of it and transformed into their Divine Selves.

In a world hostile to self-love and a culture divorced from nature I think it's really important to see ourselves as creatures a part of the natural world, but with enormous power.

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