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Botanical Art and Garden Making

Plants are an easy medium to work with because they themselves are more amazing and beautiful than anything a human could ever make.  But there is an undeniable alchemical reaction that happens between plants and humans - I enjoy seeing what happens when the plants and I work together. 

My design philosophy is to create liminal, reverential spaces where folks can leave their desks or living rooms and enjoy a restful botanical moment.  My designs and plantings are in the Naturalistic Style which is inspired by how things are found in nature and incorporates elements such as driftwood and stones.


I do free event, interior, and garden design consultations and quotes.  Consultations include a visit your space  where we will discus your vision and needs.  After, I'll create a sketch and quote for design.  Book consultations with me by emailing

Indoor Plant Installations

Once a month I create a botanical display at a hotel in Lexington, Kentucky.  The installations, as much as possible, reflect the season and must be able to last one month in the hotel.  It is a great challenge that has strengthened my creativity for over a three years.

Indoor Planters

My planters incorporate more than just plants.  I use rocks, driftwood and other elements to create a naturalistic style.  Dry creek beds, desert landscapes, and fantasy worlds are just a few places where I draw inspiration.

Garden Design

My garden design philosophy is much like my other art-making philosophies: to creating a reverential space that uses and honors the natural cycles and elements of nature.  I love collaborating with clients to create a truely unique feeling.

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