Plants are an easy medium to work with because in themselves they are more amazing and beautiful than anything a human could ever make.  

I enjoy seeing what happens when the plants and I work together.

Corporate Installations

I've had the pleasure of working with several Lexington business on creating large botanical installations in their workplaces.  Plants are proven to elevate mood and decrease stress.

My design philosophy is to create concentrated island oases where folks can leave their desks and enjoy a restful moment.  The plantings are in the Naturalistic Style which incorporates elements such as driftwood and stones.

Plant Installations

Once a month I create a botanical display at a hotel in Lexington, Kentucky.  The installations, as much as possible, reflect the season and must be able to last one month in the hotel.  It is a great challenge that has strengthened my creativity for over a three years.

My favorite installations involve large pieces of driftwood and some sort of suspended plant or container.

Succulent Planters

Succulent is a term that covers all types of amazing plants. They have really fleshly leaves that retain water, which helps them live in dry and arid environments.  You can consider cactus or jades or hens and chicks a succulent.

Their varied forms and ease of care (lots of sunlight!) make them wonderful material for creating container gardens.

Orchid Planters

Orchids!  Prized for their unique blooms, I love them for their epiphytic habits!  The roots of an orchid are just as interesting as the bloom and one must love a plant as much for its leaves and roots as for the flower.

Winter Evergreens

I enjoy the cyclic nature of life and after months in a greenhouse surrounded by lush leaves and constant verdancy I enjoy the restful bareness of winter, the skeleton branches on a grey sky.


However, evergreen branches are a heartening thing to see in the winter, and even more heartening to smell!


These are designs I made from evergreen branches of Magnolia, Pine, Port Orford Cedar, and Incese Cedar.