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Wreath and Swag Workshops of 2019

You know what? It's a thrill to be alive. And for me the thrill is living in community and embracing your wins and losses. This is my first time going freelance and independent and I think it's a shame to call it that, because it could never have happened without my community. I want to acknowledge my success at Chaumiere du Prairie as the work and vision of Kathy Ramsey at Ephemeral Florals and Katelynn Ralston at Do and Hope Coaching. There is no such thing as a personal success and these gals are so great. I also want to acknowledge that I had to cancel 3 of my 5 offered workshops! Two had no sign-ups and one had low attendance. And, in all honesty I did have a bit of a pity party, but I just have to look at the bigger picture and say, " WOW, I had TWO great workshops and that's two more than I did last year! And I had the opportunity to teach five!" I've learned a lot and and I'm planning for more next year in Lexington and Versailles, Kentucky!

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