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Plant Musings: Hellebore - Free Downloadable

Hello! I present to you my second free downloadable. This time we are exploring Hellebore together. I've known since the first Plant Musing with evergreens that I wanted to Hellebore next. It truely is a magical plant - particularly the domed, hanging bloom reminds me of how, in clear Winter nights, I can really feel the vaulted shape of the atmosphere. While I was exploring this idea I came across the phrase "As Above, So Below" which is from an ancient Egyptian tablet called "The Emerald Tablet". A good translation of the whole phrase is by Dennis W. Hauck that reads: “That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above corresponds to that which is Below, to accomplish the miracle of the One Thing.” So just as the atmosphere covers and protects life on Earth from an inhospitable space, the modest Hellebore bloom protects animals looking for it's nectar. What do you all think?

The text on the worksheet reads,

"After the days start getting longer again, Hellebore breaks dormancy before all others - coming though frost and snow. But while its leaves unfurl and open to the sky, the bloom faces downward - providing shelter to whomever seeks the years first nectar."

"Call upon Hellebore when you need a breakthrough. Hellebore reminds us that we have the power to shatter through ice and we have the power to provide a safe harbor for ourselves and others"

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