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Lessons from Sunflower and free downloadable Journal page PDF!

After a year-plus hiatus, I have finally restarted the group plant meditations! Originally with the Mandala Effect we have moved to Centered Holistic Health on North Ashland Avenue. Our first post-vaccine foray into plant energetics was with Sunflower!

A true aggregator of heat and sun, Sunflower doesn't even bother to germinate until the soil is good and warm and will stay that way until fall. Once she does make her appearance, however, you can't stop noticing her!

Towering high above other plants with his large radial petals, Sunflower thrives being the center of attention and makes no appologies for it! But what's great about Sunflower is that wile he is quid audacious, he is so without detracting from the rest of the garden.

With every Plant Meditation Workshop I lead, we take the flower essence of our plant. What is a flower essence? Different from an essential oil or a tincture, a flower essence is the energetic qualities of a particular plant/flower that is preserved in water and alcohol. There is no plant material or constituents in the essence, just the energetic qualities or the vibes for the plant.

Download PDF • 1.18MB

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