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A bit about my creative process...

My creative process is basically mediating a balance between my conscious and subconscious minds. If my conscious mind is working too hard it gets in the way of my creative flow and I get bogged down in the how to to bring out the conceptualization. On the other hand if my subconscious runs away with itself I'm left in a tangential day dream and I just sit on the couch fantasizing about how great my work is going to be and not actually do anything.


My best work ends up being neither what my conscious or subconscious mind had imagined but really a collaboration between two parts of myself. It has taken a lot of practice to find a balance - which involves less planning and instead getting a more of a general idea of what I think I want to do and allowing room for on the spot problem solving.

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You can think of an assemblage as a collage in three dimensions.  I love how, when working through a the process, it evolves from seemingly random bits and bobs to become a cohesive piece. 

Fine Art Prints

I enjoy all manner of relief printing.  The following works are woodblock print, Mokuhanga (Japanese woodblock printing), letterpress and engraving.

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