are small, independent publications. Zines are often printed from easily accessable printers and copiers.  The subject matter is often niche or too controversial for conventional publication. They come in all shapes, sizes and designs, and are usually published out of love, rather than for profit. To purchase either email me anna.campomanes@gmail.com or puruse my Etsy shop.

Bits of Kentucky Nature

I moved to Kentucky from Los Angeles about six years ago.  I always had it in my mind to make a follow up to my Bits of California Nature, but I didn't think it would take me 6 years!  However, my art practice has really matured and I think you can really tell a difference between the two!  Here's to progress and letting things stew!


Colored pencil, watercolor, ink on watercolor paper; printed on a regular-ole xerox machine.

Patron Saints of


This full color zine printed on 32lb paper has a collection of six saints.

"What we call clouds are simply moisture wrapped around debris particles that are floating in the air. Changes in altitude, temperature and winds are the forces that create the infinitely diverse and ephemeral phenomena we enjoy in the sky.

When praying to the Patron Saints of Clouds, be mindful of ways you can embody these mutable and dynamic forces of nature, changing and being molded by the environment again and again.

Be free -- to create and to destroy."

Patron Saints of


This full color zine printed on 32lb paper has a collection of six saints.

"Organelles are small structures inside cells that carry out very specific jobs that are essential to life. The organelle supports the cell, which supports the tissue, which supports the organ, which supports the organ system, which then supports the organism.

When praying to the Patron Saints of Organelles be mindful of how the small actions of small things contribute to the larger systems. What we do has both importance and consequences that ripples through space and time.

Be Brave, Live Large, Expand"

Patron Saints of

Space Exploration

In this zine I've personified different ways humans have explored space.  I've given these personifications an image, attributes, and ways for worshipers to gain their chosen saint's favors


This zine came from a place that was irritated by how much of society views art and science as mutually exclusive, when really nothing in the universe works independently from anything else.  This zine was my subversive way of swirling art, science, and religious iconography, into things that co-exist with each other.


Colored pencil, ink, 25% cotton paper; printed on a regular-ole xerox machine.

Patron Saints

of Ephiphytes

 This zine has a collection of six saints including Patron Saints of the Club Moss, the Elkhorn Fern, the Spanish Moss, the Resurrection Plant, the Vanilla Orchid, and the Pitcher Plant. Each saint will help you in different facets of your life.

Field Notes: Spiders

I made this zine while working at the Natural History Museum.  We had a living exhibit called the "Spider Pavillion" which was very simiar to a butterfly immersive experiece, except for the fact that all the butterfies were replaced by giant orb weaving spiders.  In order to do interpretation I was doing a lot of research and in order to increase my retention of information I started making this zine.  I kept calling it my "Spider Book", until a woman came up to me and asked "Are you the one making the zine??!"  And I've been making zines ever since.


Ink and quill pen; printed on Xerox!

Bits of California Nature

Animals and natural history have always been a favorite subject of my publications, even as a little girl messing around on Microsoft Publisher.  This zine is full of animals that are an important part of my California nature world view, and of course Nature isn't just plants and animals, geography is an inextricable catalyist for how life manifests itself, so I have included maps of unique places in California.


Colored pencil, ink, 25% cotton paper; printed on a regular-ole xerox machine.