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Lessons from Prickly Pear

I have never worked with Prickly Pear before and was very excited to work with folks who came to my plant meditation workshop at Centered Holistic Health in Lexington!

What we discovered was that Prickly Pear, for us, was about boundaries, grief, healing and acknowledging scars.

Boundaries - Prickly Pear is a lesson in setting boundaries of who has access to you and how they have access to you. Prickly pear is a wonderful pollinator plant, as soon as the sun hits them they open up to all kinds of bee, fly, and butterfly visitors. However, the beautiful contrast of prickly pear is the "prickly" spines that deny access to it's succulent flesh.

Grief - Curiously, feelings of overcoming grief and hurt was a consistent thread. We noticed the old scars on the paddles and how well they healed up. We remembered how it can be broken apart and propogated to grow a new plant and that Prickly Pear, and all other plants, contain within themselves the entire life cycle. We were reminded life is often painful and may leave scars and that we may be torn apart, but may be able to regenerate and to root elsewhere.

Join us for more seasonal plant lessons at Centered Holistic Health in Lexington Kentucky on the Saturdays of July 31st, August 14th and Sept 11th, all from 6:30-7:30. Address: 309 N Ashland Ave #180.

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