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Olive Cutting Experiments

I've started an experiment! Rather unscientific, but I do have a control group!

Olives: symbols of peace, victory, brides and apparently virgins? I don't know. Anyway, I've started an experiment in propagating olive trees. A few large ones came into the greenhouse and I needed to make more!

Olives are a challenge because they don't readily propagate from cuttings. From what I've read they have a pretty notorious failure rate. So I'm trying a few different things. The control group: All from the same tree and branch I planted the control group of cuttings is all in one terra cotta pot. The experiment: olive cuttings were hydrated in water that curly willow first soaked in. Curly willow, and willows in general, are ready rooters and I'm hoping some of the hormones will been taken up into the olive tree. I stuck the curly willow/olive cuttings in a seperate pot a few days later.

So only a few days in and here is a couple pictures:

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