About Anna:

My only intention as a creator and the only thing I hope to achieve is to pull work that percolates in my subconscious and interpret that through my physical body into a reality. As a creator I am not driven by an end result but definitely by process. My subconscious is, of course, informed by my values and philosophies about life. One of which is melding together art, science, and spirituality. Many people are taught to believe that these things are mutually exclusive - even dividing sciences into specialties leads people to believe these things are separate. When in reality everything is tied to everything else in the universe by unknown threads. In my work I like to harmonize and string these threads together.


I grew up everywhere and nowhere, born to an Appalachian white mother and an immigrant Filipino father, I learned about working hard and cross-cultural communication.  I grew up as the kid of the military and as a kid moved somewhere new every three years (and still haven't quite shed that habit ten years on). I value duty, loyalty, service, curiosity, and openness.




I would love to hear from you!  Questions about zines? putting on workshops? craft swaps? plants?  Wanna show me something cool? Let me know below: