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My name is Anna and I'm an artist, designer and plants woman living in Lexington, Kentucky.

For me, life is all about getting juicy and I have dabbled in many things, but what really makes my heart sing are plants, nature, art, and people.  For my time on Earth I've been honoring myself by persuing those avenues with loving abandon.  I like to think these intertwined passions show up in my work and gives it a unique quality.

I also love collaborating with other humans and would love to help you make your vision come true.  If it's a botanical themed art installation, garden design, or you're looking to add a special seasonal touch to your event, or you're wanting a custom-created zine, I would love to work with you.  I do free event, interior, and garden design consultations and quotes.  Consultations include an in person visit where we will discus your vision and needs.  After, I'll create a sketch and quote for design.  Book consultations with me by emailing


Services I offer:

  • Garden Design

  • Garden Maintenance

  • Corporate and Home Interior Plant Design

  • Botanical Event and Wedding Design



About Anna:

Anna's design eye has been refined in multidisciplinary ways, she is a lifelong artist, has worked in design projects at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County and spent five years as a horticulturalist at a local greenhouse.  Adding to her worldview she grew up a "military brat", living everywhere and nowhere, born to an Appalachian white mother and an immigrant Filipino father, she learned about working hard and integrating cross-cultural perspectives.


Her design eye draws upon all these life experiences to create something truely unique.  She values authenticity, curiosity, and openness.



2019     Jane Chancellor Moore Gallery · Frankfort, KY

2018    CfSHE Gallery, Program B + C Exhibition.   Tokyo,  Japan
            3331 Arts Chiyoda, Art-Bazar. Tokyo, Japan
            MS Rezny Studio/Gallery, Homage to Remnants. Lexington, KY
2017    MS Rezny Studio/Gallery, notBIG(4). Lexington, KY
2015    Working Artist Gallery, pop-up gallery at ReMain. Winchester, KY



"Anna is a creative force that whisks you up and away in a jubilant collaboration between human and plant.  She has a unique ability to listen first and then mold her materials into forms that both honor and heighten their natural beauty. 


Simultaneously earthy and ephemeral, her work is born of a deep understanding of her medium, the principles of design, and that little spark that can't be spoken, yielding works of art that captivate on all levels.  


Simply said, she is a true artist. Genuine, authentic, and skilled, peppered with professionalism and (amazingly) humility. What a gem."      ~ Polly S.


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