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Conjoined Pumpkin-Head

I really love doing craft swaps – for those of you unaware of this super amazing thing, it is when you and a partner make a crafty object around a theme and personal interests. There are set guidelines on how much time and money is spent on a project and how long you should take. At the end of the crafting period you and your partner swap (usually by mail)! It’s a good way to get a handcrafted, custom made item that you couldn't make yourself.

Anyway, the theme for this swap was “Vintage/Retro Halloween” although in retrospect I went for a more antique-y look. My craft partner really made it easy for me when she said she loved pumpkin heads and skeletons and physical anomalies. It was like BAM! Conjoined Pumpkin-Head!

My initial plan was to make a wire armature and cover it with paper mache, but the armature was a bit too small and slippery for paper mache (or I lacked the finesse) so I switched to covering the body with sculpy. For the pumpkin heads I ended up ditching the wire armatures in favor of plain ol balled up newspaper. After baking, I sanded them down a bit and painted it with acrylics. The heads were attached by a rod and E6000. I’m really pleased how it turned out, especially since my experience with sculpy is limited.

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